A P P S   P R O D U C T S

We have lots of experience in Mobile Application and website production. Our websites meet top quality standard and can be totally customized for customers’ needs. We also have a track record of producing high quality apps with high download rate (500k to millions).

Camera 3D

- 2,600,000+ downloads worldwide
- Enhance the effect of any digital marketing by interactive 3D experience
- Excellent showcase for displaying products

Road Snaps

– Market Leading app in Hong Kong with 200,000 downloads
– App tailor made for HK Drivers
– Bronze Award in in the Apps in the City Public Sector Information Application Competition 2012
– Map mode is also available for tracking cross habour time

Dai Pai Dong

- Well known comic book character “Maggiology”
- Launched in bookfair 2013
- 400,000 downloads in 3 weeks
- Samsung Partner App

SiuMing wedding photo app

– SiuMingPhoto App is the pioneer of having a wedding app.
– This app provides an easily accessible platform to the bride and bridegroom
– which shares their photos and videos during or after the wedding.

Face beauty

– Directory of 300+ beauty salons and parallel imported beauty products selling channel
- SMS verification system to confirm bookings, membership and orders

GeoFence Memo

- Location based alarm system sending memo to users depending on their position
- Excellent tool for location based marketing campaign
- Winner of “Top 10 Like Technology Applications 2014”


– Solve the queuing problem in restaurants
– 40+ restaurants joined
– 200+ bookings per month